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Art Deco 1930s style – Arts Décoratifs – came after the 1920s Art Nouveau period. It was one of the most prolific periods for mural painters worldwide. Frequently buildings of the period had murals. Private and public architecture projects worldwide incorporated murals into their projects.

As a result of the development of travel on large liners, the use of murals was boosted everywhere. Going to faraway places, the beautiful, streamlined ships combined with the new modernist 1930s architecture had a huge influence.

Almost every country in the world has stunning examples of Art Deco architecture. Many have interiors and murals that are intact to this day.

Consequently, the Art Deco 1930s style was universal in art and architecture. It has been a major influence on many fashions and styles since.

The interpretation of the art. In some of her murals, Kate has perfected an Art Deco 1930s style. Painting many murals that depict the era and its stylishness.Frequently, the inspiration for these murals is Tamara de Lempika, who was a Polish-born Parisienne painter, fashionable in the 1930s.

Early on in her career, an Art Deco mural was painted by Kate and her team for Smollensky’s on the Strand (now closed).

Another Art Deco style mural she painted was for the main staircase at the London Hilton Paddington, entitled “Platform 1” it depicts a busy Paddington Station in “The Age of Steam”.

As can be seen, she has painted an Art Deco mural for the casino at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan. Kate takes the style of decorative painters and mural painters of this period and makes them her own.

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