Decorative murals

Particularly, when travelling through southern Europe, particularly Italian, Bavarian, Austrian and Silesian regions, evidently many buildings have been decorated by mural artists inside and out. More recently, patterns on the outside of buildings have been used from the 13th Century onwards.

Mural painters use traditional types of imagery of repeatedly decorating walls with designs based on nature and the human form inside and outside, even simple houses. You will find decorative painters have been everywhere.

Murals reflecting European traditions. Above all, we are following a long worldwide tradition of decorative painting of our dwellings, from caves to palaces featuring Classical murals and also more humble abodes. Mural painters have been embellishing their own and other residences for many centuries.

There is a new theory that the early mural artists decorating caves were female. This is based on the size of the hand silhouettes of the artists, which may represent their signatures.

Therefore, Kate is one of many carrying on a long tradition of decorative painting stretching back over many centuries, with her use of classical murals and trompe l’oeil combined.

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Catherine Lovegrove Murals

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