Other Aspects of Perspective

8 June 2024 Posted by: Kate Lovegrove
Other aspects of perspective - Kate Lovegrove - UK Mural Artish

Atmospheric Perspective 

This technique involves using colour and contrast to convey depth. Objects that are farther away from the viewer should have lighter colours, less detail, and reduced contrast compared to objects in the foreground. This mimics the natural effect of the atmosphere scattering light as objects recede into the distance.

Size and Overlapping 

Another way to create depth in murals is by manipulating the size and placement of objects. Objects that are closer to the viewer should be larger and overlap those in the background. This creates a sense of scale and depth.

Texture and Detail 

Pay attention to the level of detail in different parts of the mural. Objects in the foreground can have more intricate details and textures, while those in the background may have less detail or softer textures to suggest distance.

Vertical Perspective 

In addition to horizontal perspective, consider vertical perspective when creating murals on walls. Objects closer to the top of the wall should appear smaller than those near the bottom to create the illusion of height.

Focal Points

Identify and emphasise focal points in your mural to draw the viewer's attention. These can be areas of high detail, vibrant colours, or unique elements within the composition.

Remember that while understanding and applying perspective principles is important, murals also offer artistic freedom. You can choose to exaggerate or manipulate perspective for creative effect, as long as it serves the overall composition and narrative of your mural.

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