Trompe l’oeil murals

The subject for a trompe l'œil mural can be almost anything:

A blocked-in fireplace can have a mural painted of a dangerous-looking electric fire with an equally dangerous plug painted on the wall beside it.

Dull-looking basement walls can be painted to resemble a French village square, and the floor to have the accompanying pavements with Trompe l'œil murals paving stones, weeds, cigarette butts and drain covers.

Trompe l'œil - the art of deceiving the eye, can be used if there is a door to be hidden; it can become a bookcase. A wall that needs opening up with a mural artist’s technique? it can become a window or a staircase.

A Trompe l'œil cloth can be draped over a bannister. A low ceiling can be raised to be as high as you like with an architectural trompe l'œil or a trompe l'œil sky.

The possibilities are endless, and a mural painter like Kate can realise your mural ideas and/or give you great ideas for a trompe l’oeil mural for almost any space you can think of and create a mural in almost any country in the world.

Giuseppe Castiglione – early perspective in China

A 17th Century mural artist called Giuseppe Castiglione went to China as a Jesuit missionary; they had been requested by the Imperial Court to find European artists to paint murals.

Thus, Castiglione was known as Lang Shining in China; he and his compatriots astounded the Emperor with the understanding and application of perspective. Particularly seen in his painting of wisteria on a ceiling where the trompe l’oeil flowers cascade away from you, changing form as they pass underneath.

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